Us Mountains

My 15 year old daughter Rosalie, wrote this piece for school. She agreed for me to share it here. I hope you too will share it with your circles.

They were conceived when it had already begun and born at the end of it, the worst part of it. Lives created without any afterthought, into a world that thrived off the rape of Mother Earth, where people had forgotten that what we do to the mountain we do to ourselves. They sat in classrooms and listened to the adults distract from the severity of the hole that humanity had dug itself. The adults lectured about math and science while outside the classroom one couldn’t see more than 50 feet in front of them because of the pollution, they talked while half of the animals on earth had already gone extinct, while we were still sending our men to slaughter innocent people for oil, while most of the world was starving and the minority was trying to lose weight. They talked when there wasn’t enough water for everyone. It was as if we were awaiting a big storm that would take us and punish us for we have tried to stop feeding it and now it shall feed on us completely. It was just a matter of time and the funny thing about time is that we wait until it it too late, we awake when it is too late and some awaken sooner and for those who can act on their awakening the work seldom pays off because their work is in trying to fix what has been pounded by a big force for millennia. It ran through their bodies before they ever saw it. It hid in their dreams and took up a space in their hearts before they could understand the fear that bred a new kind of human; ruthless, careless, imbalanced, dangerous, blind but not intentionally just ignorant – too ignorant to survive but not just as individuals but as a collective including every other living thing. The fear to be human might not have been as strong as a child but it grows exponentially until it is all fear and no human. They seemed to see it entire, with a child’s complete divination – both the doomed place where we are that has us eating poison and drinking battery acid, the place where that is okay and expected, where man has spat in the faces of butterflies and cut off the horns of beautiful beasts for decoration, a primitive place and then the place of harmony between mankind and all other kind, where the first lesson learned by child is the love for oneself and everything around, where the beauty of life outweighs material wealth, where togetherness is number one and everyone has enough, a place of enlightenment that many other species still practice but that we have tossed aside and designated as less. Until they were older they wouldn’t watch their bodies and souls get sicker and sicker, they would stop and take care of themselves and with that a part of the earth that connects us all, they would start to walk in reverse because they remembered that what we do to the mountain we do to ourselves.


Rosalie Davis


Silverback Gringo


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