To White Liberals Thinking of Moving to Canada

The fragility of white liberalism is an embarrassment. Worse than that, it is culpable in the ongoing hate being spread via conservative ideology.

It’s easy to point to the xenophobic and fascist motifs permeating what we know as the right wing. Easy to call out the racism and sexism and take a moral high ground. Easy to declare liberalism some sort of panacea for suffering amongst marginalized groups. But you better dig deeper than that if you truly want to see any kind of true justice and equality in this country.

Already I have seen liberal announcements to abandon the US for Canada, should the leading Republican candidate actually take office. There is only one word for this. Cowardice.

If your liberal ideology ends the moment you may have to stand up someplace OTHER than the ballot box, then do us all a favor, and leave now. Why wait for a demagogue to take office before tucking tail and leaving your less privileged neighbors to stay and suffer the consequences? There is the door. Use it.

Because my guess is that if you are already planning your exit strategy, then you already fail to do your part in ending white supremacy and its entire ugly offspring. You’re just dead weight. You’re just taking up space and increasing the burden carried by folks who are ACTUALLY suffering from oppression.

Justice does not happen in the ballot box. Sure, legislation can help or hinder the justice process. This is true. But regardless of what the laws say, if PEOPLE are not willing to do the right thing, despite any “discomfort” they may experience in the process, justice will never prevail.

What is that quote? “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.

Think about that.

Or better yet, think about how you, as a white liberal in America, benefit in this society regardless of which political party takes power. Think about how despite your heartache over the injustice you see, your way of life will hardly be impacted if Syrians are refused at our borders, or police continue to shoot unarmed black men, or Muslims are required to register themselves.

Chances are for most of you (I know, I know… there are plenty of GOOD white liberals who may feel some sting), the violence and bigotry will have little if no actual affect upon your daily lives.

So why are you going to run? What have YOU got to loose?

Get real now. The problems we face as a nation will not be solved by Bernie, and Trump will not destroy us. (for all of you “the parties are so different” people out there I say, yes; the differences are real, and they do have impact. But not enough impact) The problems we face will only be solved if we all look within and assess what we do to uphold the oppression and actively struggle to make change.

Look within and actively struggle.

If you can’t stick it out through the the election of a bigoted president, then what business do you have to declare yourself morally superior to the bigots that elected him? If you can’t do more than cast your ballot once every two years, then what business do you have saying that you stand for justice?

If you are simply going to leave as soon as things get worse for the folks who ALREADY DON’T HAVE YOUR PRIVILEGES, then you have no right to count yourself amongst those struggling to end oppression.

Leave now while the lines are short.


Silverback Gringo


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